Certified email: the business communication solution you were looking for

One of the services that came to revolutionize the world of legally valid communication is surely certified email, a notification channel that is characterized by being fast, fast and, above all, legal.

In this sense, the service allows a notification to be sent to a person or institution in a few minutes, an email that becomes evidence, evidence or a reliable record that can be presented before a court in the event of a trial.

The advantages offered by certified email are evident, so it is not surprising that in a short time it has become an essential legal communication strategy for companies and institutions that need access to a secure means of notification and that provides proof legal.

Considering its popularity and the benefits offered by certified email, we have decided to tell you how you can use this strategy to send confidential information of a legal nature and what tools you can access if you use professional platforms.

Why is business email certification important?

If you found this article, we are sure that you must be interested in the certified email service. Before explaining in great detail how it works, it is necessary to tell you why, today, it is so important to certify certain types of communications and why certified email is a valid, safer and cheaper alternative to the traditional Burofax.

In this sense, it is worth noting that legally valid email is the perfect means to preserve and protect your business or a public institution . Because?

When information is sent through this communication channel, the entity that acts as an intermediary will provide you with a certificate that you can easily download. This document provides all the necessary information so that the email is reliable evidence of a legal nature in the event of a lawsuit.

Among the data included is: day and time of sending and receiving, email content, attachments, source and recipient account, and email title.

The information that is legally certified is essential because it allows for a record that serves as irrefutable proof of what has been sent and that the recipient has received it. Given this situation, there is no possibility, even starting a lawsuit, that the recipient of the communication can allege the lack of notification.

Likewise, it should be noted that the entities that act as intermediaries and make intuitive professional platforms available to clients, also ensure high levels of security, which is a very important benefit.

In fact, at present, cybernetic attacks of malware, phishing, hacking and vulnerability of private data of all kinds are more and more frequent. Now, if you are about to send confidential information that only the recipient should read, it is extremely dangerous for the email to be compromised, especially since private personal data is being sent.

That is why certified email was born. This notification channel not only allows you to receive a certificate with legal value that can be presented before a judge, but also offers the possibility of using a resistant and secure platform that ensures that no third party can access the information sent, becoming a measure of cybersecurity that large corporations and the legal sector appreciate.

How to send certified Emails?

Having said all of the above, we are sure that you have realized the importance and usefulness of legal email.

Now, the time has come to tell you how you can access this service and what are the steps you must follow to correctly send a certified email.

The first thing you should do is register on the platform of an intermediary entity to access the certified email service. Among the different companies, one of the best, due to the professionalism provided and the qualities of the incorporated functionalities, is Afilnet.

Recognized in the field of telecommunications and digital marketing, Afilnet provides all the tools to send this type of notification, ensuring high levels of security .

In order to send emails through this platform you must follow the steps that we are going to present below.

  1. Register as an Afilnet customer. The first thing you should do is register on the Afilnet platform. After having added the required data in the form, to finish the registration it is necessary to validate the account by clicking on the link that was sent in the inbox of your email.
  2. Configure the account to start with the sending of the Certified Email. When you have validated your account, you must enter the Afilnet platform and access the "Channels" option on the administration panel and click on "Add new channel" then on "Certified Email" where you will enter the email you are going to use to sending the certified email.
  3. Use your email. After configuring the personal account in Afilnet, you will use your personal email manager to write the email you want to send, adding the subject, the content to be notified to the recipient's email and, if applicable, the files. attachments. Once all of the above is done, send it by adding the email provided by Afilnet to the CC copy email addresses.
  4. Download the certificate. Once you have finished sending the legally valid email, you will be able to access the certificate you need to transform the email into reliable proof to present before a court. To download you must return to the Afilnet platform and access the administration panel. There you will find the “Sent” option. By touching the button you will be able to enter the personal area of Email certificate sent and thus download the document.

What does the Afilnet platform offer for sending legal Emails?

As we have mentioned before, to send a legal Email it is extremely important to choose a professional platform to initiate this type of communication. In fact, on the Internet it is possible to find many companies that provide this type of legal service, but to be sure that the notification is not violated, it is necessary to select a trusted company such as Afilnet.

Afilnet, well known in the sector, makes available to the client the certified email service that is compatible with the personal email account (Gmail, Outlook and many more) so it is not necessary to open an account with another management and it is not necessary to carry out any type of installation.

In a few words, you will be able to send a notification of a legal and confidential nature both from a free account (Gmail, Yahoo! among others) and from a business account. The important thing is to add in the copy the address that the company specialized in telecommunications and digital marketing has provided you.

As Afilnet points out, access to this service is very simple and cheap , since you only pay for each shipment made, a cost that is much lower than the classic burofax or certified letter that can cost three times more. Certified mail becomes the most economical and secure means of notification of a legal nature that can be found on the market.

By accessing the professional platform you will be able to calculate the value of the service based on the number of legal emails you want to send. In any case, to give you an approximate value, each email is priced at €0.50 for both national and international destinations, as long as the email is 5 MB in size. Once that weight is exceeded, the price of another certified email is added.

Likewise, the objective of Afilnet is to provide the complete certification that becomes the reliable tool that can protect your company or public entity from possible future complications with the recipients of the notification. That is why the certificate includes the origin and destination account, date and time of sending, as well as all the information that has to do with the content of the email such as the title, subject, text and attachments.


Resorting to the email service of legal value is surely a notification strategy that any company or public or private institution should evaluate. Its benefits are many, since it is cheaper, safer and above all because it provides a certificate that is legally valid before a judge in case of need.

It becomes, then, a means of communication that provides security to corporations and institutions because it prevents the recipient from claiming that they have not received the notification. Not to mention that, with Afilnet, using the service is extremely simple and cheap. It is enough to follow a few steps and that's it.

So, what are you waiting for, contact Afilnet and ask for quality technical-commercial advice to discover how to use this service.

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