Certified SMS in the legal sector

SMS legal certificate

Communication is a determining factor in a judicial process . That is why, in the legal sector, a digitization process has begun that not only includes emails but also the use of platforms for sending certified SMS that offer greater guarantees of delivery and security.

Indeed, it cannot be forgotten that the judicial sector is complex, since its processes are long, so notifications are made very often . In this framework, it is highlighted that finding a safe, fast and effective means of communication is the key so that the represented, the defendants and the courts can communicate. For this it is very useful to resort to certified SMS. Let's find out why.

Why is this service interesting?

Ensuring certification in communications in court proceedings is essential. In fact, in this area, notifications are an everyday thing. What is needed is to resort to a means of communication that facilitates and speeds up procedures and processes , maintaining rigorous control of everything that is sent.

For this reason, in addition to email, among the certified communication options, SMS is used, a simple tool to use that does not require an internet connection and is wide-ranging.

The benefits of certified text messaging are numerous, so it's no surprise that it's a communication channel used by a growing number of legal professionals. In fact, the certified SMS is characterized by its legal validity, which means that it allows you to prove in court that a text message has been successfully delivered quickly, reliably and cheaply.

In a nutshell, certified SMS is an interesting service because it allows courts, law firms and public administrations to implement a highly efficient and intuitive process for sending notifications. In just a few minutes, it is possible to legally send a message to recipients without wasting time or money.

Advantages of the Certified SMS in the legal sector

As mentioned above, certified text messages, also known as burosms , offer the main advantage of legal certainty that the message was sent and delivered to the recipient.

In fact, it is necessary to underline that the company that offers this type of service, such as Afilnet, issues the client an electronic certificate indicating when the message was sent, when it was received by the recipient and what the content of the SMS is. All these data represent the irrefutable proof of the transmission and effective reception of the notification, which is essential during a legal process.

In addition, the burosms allows lawyers, prosecutors and courts to save. In this regard, it should be noted that implementing certified SMS does not require an investment of time. In fact, with an intuitive SMS management platform like the one provided by Afilnet, its operation is simple and it can even reduce the notification time by avoiding unnecessary visits to the court.

In this framework, it must be taken into account that, in legal processes, deadlines must be met, so it is extremely necessary that the notification be as fast and secure as possible , advantages that Certified SMS offer, thanks to their optimization of the management process.

Finally, we cannot fail to point out that sending legal text messages saves costs because it is an inexpensive communication channel, especially if compared to other traditionally used means such as burofax or certified letter.

In short, although the legal and juridical validity is the main attraction of certified SMS, this communication channel offers other interesting benefits to optimize the management of notifications in the legal sector to the maximum.

Who can use the service?

Notifications of the status of a legal process must be quick and instantaneous, which is why the bureaus are an excellent means of communication . However, in the legal field, those who use this service are the employees of the public administration, the courts and the lawyers.

To better understand how certifying SMS works, we want to show you how those who work in the legal sector can use them.

Public administrations

The practice of sending notifications from the public administration cannot be carried out in any way. It is necessary to guarantee that the communication is sent and that it is received by the recipient.

This is an important aspect to consider. In fact, the law firmly regulates that, for the notification to be reliable and legally valid , it must be guaranteed that the recipient has received the message. Otherwise, the notified can deny having received the act and request the annulment of the process.

Given this situation, the public administration has decided to implement the sending of certified SMS using platforms such as Afilnet, whose service includes the issuance of a certificate that testifies the day and time of sending and delivery of the message, in addition to the content of the act . Thus, it can be avoided that the processed procedures are annulled.


The courts also constantly send notifications, that is, judicial documents that inform the defendant of the news about a certain judicial process. Due to the large number of messages that are sent during a day, it is essential to find a way to speed up the system.

That is why the courts decided to implement certified SMS as a direct, personal and legally valid communication channel. As established by legal regulations, the important thing is that the attorneys obtain a reliable record of the reception of the message (date, time and content of the communication).

Thanks to the incredible advantages provided by legal text messages, sending judicial decisions, subpoenas and files is no longer a problem for the courts.


Sending legal text messages that are valid legal evidence is key to speeding up notification times .

In this context, law firms have begun to use certified SMS as a means of urgent notification to third parties. In fact, the repercussions of this service in the sector were many. Workload and response time are lightened, as communication becomes more direct and personal. Likewise, delivery times are reduced and in exchange a proof of the effective delivery of the message is obtained.

As you may have noticed, the need to optimize time makes this communication channel an attractive option for lawyers facing deadlines, last-minute mismatches in schedules, trials, and filing of documents.

Uses of SMS in the legal sector

However, SMS can be used in the legal sector to send different types of notifications of a judicial nature . Let's look at some examples of the most common uses.

Judicial resolutions of sentences and decrees

Notifying the judicial resolution of sentences and decree is a procedural act that communicates to those involved the definitive acts about a judicial process . Due to the importance of the content of the communication and the need for speed, it is recommended to use certified SMS that confirm the date and time of sending and delivery, in addition to validating the content of the message.

court summons

When a court summons must be served, resorting to Certified SMS can be very useful. In fact, in the text message, the court order can be communicated where the defendant is notified that a lawsuit has been filed against him/her and what happens in case of not responding to the complaint within a certain period of time.

All this and other types of information of a judicial nature can be transmitted quickly, simply and legally valid , using secure platforms that manage the sending of certified text messages.

Notifications to lawyers

For a couple of years, in order to streamline procedures and complete the paperwork more quickly, the courts decided to implement the sending of certified SMS to notify the lawyers .

In this case, the resolutions of sentences, citations and all kinds of procedural acts that involve a certain law firm representing the defendant are usually communicated effectively.


Likewise, the certified SMS service was recently implemented to be able to communicate the warnings to the citizens. The objective is to legally notify the person involved of the opening of a judicial act where the days and hours are set to initiate a procedural process (taking evidence, holding a hearing or oral trial, among others).

Due to the importance of this type of communication, whose purpose is informative, it is important to have proof that the notification has been delivered, functionality offered by the certified text message where the day and time of sending and delivery and the content are indicated. of the signaling.

In this case, the SMS of a legal nature becomes convincing proof that the notification was received by the recipient and the possibility that the person can find a way to reply to the notification is annulled.

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