Certified Email in the legal sector

Times are changing and with it the way we communicate with each other. This applies both on a personal and professional level: between companies, institutions and different entities. As time goes by, communications evolve in order to be faster, cheaper and more accessible to users, and the last few years have seen great advances in this regard. In this article, we are going to talk about a significant improvement focusing on some digital communication channels such as SMS and Certified Email in the legal sector.

How has communication in the legal sector evolved?

During the pandemic and health crisis, we were forced to isolate ourselves and avoid contact with each other, which largely nipped physical or traditional communications in the bud and meant that the use of social media exploded.

Communication in the legal sector has also been forced to evolve in recent years. All the documentation that was issued and sent in physical format gave way to other alternatives that have found an excellent purpose in these circumstances, such as SMS and certified email in the legal sector.

These two channels are becoming a faster, cheaper and more accessible alternative to other traditional means such as the bureaufax or registered letter, as they have the same legal and juridical validity as the latter.

How does SMS and Certified Email work?

The certified SMS works in the same way as a traditional text message. In the same way we can say that the certified email works in the same way as an email. Both are sent in the same way and received in the same way. Nothing new, right? So where is the difference?

Both Certified SMS and Certified Email provide a legally valid certification of the entire content of the message, the date of sending and the date/time of receipt by the recipient through certification of the traces and acknowledgements of receipt by the operators in the communications of all parties involved. In other words, when any message or documentation is sent, its content certified a document that accredits its full legal and juridical validity.

What are the uses of SMS and Certified Email in the legal sector?

Both the certified SMS and the certified Email are used to notify any type of communication that needs to be tracked and/or requires delivery notification with a reliable proof before third parties.

The proof of this certification consists of a PDF document generated with its corresponding time-stamped certificate.

There are many companies and organisations that make use of this type of service, from law firms, notary's offices, administrative offices, town councils or trade unions, providing a secure, fast and economical digital communication alternative, which allows them to have reliable proof in their communications with third parties. Some of these uses are the following:

  • Notifications in employment contracts. Allows employees to notify them of changes or modifications to their employment contract (Discharge, Dismissals, etc).
  • Debt claims for payment against defaulters.
  • Acceptance of direct debit.
  • Withdrawal of contracts for cancellations or modifications (business, rental, purchases, etc.).
  • Notification of delivery or collection for parcels, letters or special packages.
  • Sensitive data such as results of medical analyses or other tests.
  • Requests or applications to various institutions.

Benefits of Certified SMS and Certified Email

  • Affordable: Both SMS and certified Email are cheaper than sending a burofax or registered letter, up to 80% cheaper.
  • Fast and efficient: Sending documentation by certified SMS or certified Email is faster than using a traditional means. It is a service with greater coverage as it arrives to your mobile phone and/or email inbox. It reaches users wherever they are.
  • 100% Legal: SMS certification is carried out by a qualified Trusted Services provider. Its validity is guaranteed in all European Union countries, having the legal effects provided by the Regulation in all EU members.
  • Easy to use: both services are used and sent as a classic SMS and email.

Improving communication in the legal sector

If you are a company in the legal sector and you are looking for a way to streamline and optimise communications with your clients, we have the ideal solution for you. Making use of SMS and Certified Email in the legal sector can make a considerable difference in communication. Save time on physical paperwork and of course save on costs.

At Afilnet we have been helping other companies, institutions and organisations to improve digital communication with their clients and/or affiliates for years. That is why we want to make ourselves available to companies like yours. If you want to know more about our services, you can access our website and write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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