What is the Certified SMS?, What is it used for?

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The world is increasingly interconnected thanks to new communication methods that ensure more direct relationships between people. In fact, considering the constant change that is experienced on a daily basis, being able to communicate with others immediately is increasingly important, especially when the subject to be discussed is sensitive and vital for a company.

However, over time it has been shown that normal text messages, although direct and intuitive, are not always the best option, because they do not legally certify that the recipient has received the SMS.

It is to overcome this limitation of the traditional text message that the renowned Certified SMS has been created as the perfect alternative for companies and for the public administration sector.

So, if what you need is to have a certificate that indicates that your SMS has been delivered, the fastest and cheapest way is to request the Certified SMS service, which will provide you with legal and legal security in your communication with the recipients of the message. notification.

In today's article, we are going to tell you what Certified SMS are and how the service works.

What is the Certified SMS?

The Certified SMS is a short, fast and efficient text message that is used in the professional and institutional sector. Unlike normal SMS, these messages are certified, which is why they have legal validity, becoming a channel to send important notifications. That is why it can be used as evidence even before a court in case of trial.

In a few words, we could say that the certified text message becomes a burofax or telematic means with the same legal validity .

In any case, in order to send a Certified SMS, it is necessary to have an infrastructure made up of:

  • An operator that provides users with a technology
  • A platform or API to facilitate the distribution of the text message
  • specific hardware and
  • An entity that can certify and validate the SMS.

All this infrastructure is offered by Afilnet, one of the best communication services companies that guarantees the sending of SMS Certificates of legal validity. Afilnet assures all its clients the massive sending of these types of text messages, even to multiple recipients, thanks to the API that automates the service and integrates it with its own software.

Before continuing with our article, it should be noted that the company that offers the service of sending Certified SMS must use a digital signature so that it is validated and any type of modification to the content of the text message is prohibited.

How does the Certified SMS work?

The operation of the Certified SMS is quite simple. As a user you must configure the sender and the text to be sent. When writing the text, do not forget that the certified SMS has a length limit.

Typically, the text message can contain up to 612 characters. Once the amount that we have indicated is exceeded, then, an additional price that varies will have to be paid. As you may have noticed, 612 characters ensure the possibility of writing a text long enough to include all the necessary information without increasing the budget.

Once the configuration is complete, they will be able to send from your computer using the access to the extranet of the distribution platform that you contracted as Afilnet.

Do not forget that, to guarantee maximum flexibility and versatility , the platforms offer you the possibility of scheduling the delivery on a specific date and time and even personalizing the SMS by recipient. All this thanks to the customization options that you will be able to find in the advanced settings section.

In any case, you don't have to worry because it is the platform that is responsible for distributing the message to the operators, after registering the date and time of sending.

The platform

A key element in the process of distributing Certified SMS is the platform in charge of mass delivery. Thanks to new technologies, nowadays it is not necessary to download or install new software on your computer.

The only thing you will have to do is indicate to the company contracted as Afilnet, the recipient's number and the content of the text. The entire shipping process will be handled by the agency that manages the service so you don't have to worry about anything.

Likewise, it should be noted that the use of these online platforms offers the possibility of verifying minute by minute the delivery status of the SMS , in addition to being able to consult past and present shipments and schedule future deliveries in an automated manner.

If you don't want to use the platform, the perfect solution for you is the use of the API that you will be able to connect to the software that you have installed on your computer.

The certificate

When the whole process is finished, you will be able to receive the SMS delivery confirmation . In this sense, the distribution is registered in the system and a report is created that will be delivered to you once the process is finished.

In the certificate in PDF format with time stamp, you can find all the information about it, the text message sent such as the recipient's phone number, the date and time of shipment and delivery, as well as the content of the message. sent text.

Remember that in order to send certified text messages it is necessary to have a versatile technological infrastructure such as that provided by Afilnet in order to configure the delivery process according to your needs.

Advantages of the Certified SMS

Resorting to a company that offers the service of sending Certified SMS, such as Afilnet, offers many advantages for users.

In this sense, the centralized system will allow you to send messages from your own computer or mobile device in a few minutes. Indeed, the procedure becomes very fast and easy so that you can quickly get out of your job, even if you need to send mass text messages to a large crowd of people in an intuitive way.

Not to mention that its cost is minimal, especially if compared to other traditional telematic means of communication such as burofax. In this regard, we have to tell you that the service is charged only when the delivered message certificate is issued.

In fact, you will receive the SMS delivery notification. Remember that the delivery certification is essential because it is the guarantee that the communication has respected the eIDAS Regulation for its validity throughout Europe.

Finally, we cannot fail to point out that this communication channel is ecological and friendly to the environment because it avoids the use and abuse of paper and ink.

As you may have noticed, the Certified SMS distribution service is transformed into an online and automated administration channel for companies and official institutions, which facilitates the possibility of reducing management costs and the possibility of promoting interconnection.

Uses of the Certified SMS

Thanks to the versatility of this communication channel and its legal validity, it can be used both in the field of public administration and in private companies.

Their possible jobs are varied. To give you an example, you could send a Certified SMS to notify fines, to confirm a registration or cancellation of service, notification of customs detention, acceptance of a budget, public employment announcement, notification of legal procedures, among other applications.

Let us now see its use in the different sectors. Private companies often use legal text messages to communicate with clients and suppliers to send quotes, invoices or confirm a service.

In banking entities it is necessary to send certified SMS to notify users of important and personal matters such as discovery alerts or non-payment notifications. As you may have noticed, this is vital and sensitive information, which forces the bank to have the guarantee that the counterparty has received the message.

Instead, insurers prefer to resort to the use of legal text messages to streamline communication with their clients. The objective is to notify the expiration of policies, changes in conditions such as in the renewal prices of the contracted services or claim the payment of those unpaid installments.

Finally, we cannot fail to point out that the sector that most uses Certified SMS is the public administration . Its application is very varied because notifications can be sent for pending taxes or payment of fines.

As you will see, there is no limitation in the use of Certified SMS, the important thing is that it is used as a communication channel that requires legal support. In fact, it is not used as a means to communicate on a day-to-day basis. It is used when the information is of the utmost importance and it is necessary to be sure that the recipient has received the message.

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