Use satisfaction surveys in your sector

Interacting frequently with the client can make a difference in your brand or business. In fact, feedback and data that reflects the consumer's experience, regardless of the type of purchase made, can help increase the number of sales.

In this framework, the best way to provide an excellent customer experience is to send a satisfaction survey to the buyer incorporating previously selected and tested questions.

In fact, the satisfaction survey can turn comments into opportunities for accurate feedback that includes recommendations on areas for improvement. Do not forget that customers are very sincere when communicating something that they like or that they are not satisfied with, which should be used to the maximum.

Satisfaction surveys by sector

Gathering information and comments is very useful, but not all survey formats can be applied to all types of businesses or fields. Each sector should focus on certain questions to collect the data that matters most to them.

That is why, below, we will tell you what a satisfaction survey by sector should look like.

medical sector

In the medical sector, obtaining feedback from patients and measuring their general satisfaction allows us to improve the care offered. That is why the questionnaire should be created to analyze some basic metrics that help understand which areas of the hospital, clinic or institute should be improved.

Unlike other areas, in health, we recommend paying particular attention to including questions aimed at measuring: the interpersonal skills of medical professionals, communication with the patient, accessibility of care, financial aspects and quantity of services offered.

This survey format should be administered to patients when they have completed a medical consultation, after receiving treatment or when they are discharged from hospital stays.

What should be given particular attention is confidentiality. In fact, especially in the health sector, it has been shown that people are more skeptical in answering, so it is vital to note that the information provided will be treated confidentially.

sample questions

  • Did you have a problem making an appointment?
  • Did the outpatient staff respond quickly to your request for care?

Banks & Insurers

In the banking and insurance sector, a satisfaction survey should not only focus on gathering information about the different types of services offered, but also on discovering the strengths and weaknesses of customer support.

In fact, we have to point out that the customer support center can leave a very important impression on the consumer. In some cases, a good impression can lead to the sale of a product or service, in other cases, mistreatment can lead the customer to not want to make the purchase.

sample questions

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your experience with the customer service executive?
  • How helpful was the customer service staff?

Restaurants & Hotels

Do you want to improve the quality of the gastronomic offer and customer service in hotels? If so, you should create an advanced matrix question survey to be able to collect feedback from diners and guests.

In this type of questionnaire, the client can choose an option from the list that is displayed and select the desired rating taking into account the experience. You can even add a section where it is requested to add the reason for that rating.

Compared to other satisfaction survey models, this format is quite concise, direct and quick to answer. What is sought is to be able to take advantage of the screen space and gather those significant responses to provide a high quality product and service.

In this context, we have to highlight that the questionnaire format offers a fairly high response and completion rate.

Example of questions to include

  • Are you going to visit our restaurant/hotel again?
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of the dishes?
  • How was the experience in our Hotel in general?

Telephone services

To know the opinion of telephony customers and analyze the rate of improvement, you should create a survey where the consumer can highlight both the positive and negative aspects of the services purchased.

In this context, you could focus on two main types of questions: those that analyze the experience lived by the client about the product catalog and those about your brand.

In general, this type of sector is interested in delving deeper into questions about the products (satisfaction with the plans offered, prices, number of subscriptions, etc.) and payment methods (cards, Contact Us, cash, etc.). On the other hand, it is necessary to analyze customer service (advice, employee friendliness, among others), store design (comfort, access, location) and the ecommerce website, if applicable.

sample questions

  • Please let us know how we can improve your experience.
  • Did you find enough range of products?

Online stores

Retail sales in online stores have increased exponentially in recent years thanks to the endless opportunities provided by the Internet. However, while the digital age has allowed many people to sell, at the same time competition has increased. This made it essential to identify how to increase customer satisfaction in order to build customer loyalty.

In this sense, we remember that it is very important to cultivate real customer loyalty, considering that the current market is constantly changing and new trends are always emerging, so it is essential to be able to highlight your own brand from the others.

That is why, for online stores, it is recommended to aim for a survey in NPS (Net Promoter Score) format . The model is characterized by being aesthetically attractive thanks to its simple and intuitive templates capable of identifying future purchasing patterns, behavior and customer intention, as well as capturing the possible annoyances experienced by the consumer.

The objective is to be able to segment the feedback by asking different types of questions and discover which aspects should be modified.

sample questions

  • What is the probability that you would recommend the store to a friend or family member?
  • Do you have any comments about how we could improve your experience?


For companies that offer air transport services, customer satisfaction with respect to the trip and experience is vital. That is why, after a flight, airlines should send passengers a satisfaction survey with which to measure the parameters that can help increase the quality of the experience.

As in the survey model for an online store, different types of factors must be investigated, such as: the behavior of the hostesses, the care of the luggage, the quality of the seat (comfort and space), the gastronomic service and the cleanliness of the aircraft.

The format of the questionnaire should be short and clear. Examples can be added to make it easier to understand. In addition, it is essential that the questions are as specific as possible, avoiding being generic. In this way, passengers are shown that their opinion is very valuable to the transport company.

Examples of questions:

  • How would you rate the service of our team when boarding the plane?
  • Please let us know how we can improve your flight experience.

logistics service

Another sector that decided to implement the analysis of consumer satisfaction is the logistics sector with the aim of improving the quality of the transport service and package delivery. In this case, the survey can be made and sent both to the sellers of products and to the buyers who receive the package.

In general, it is recommended to create an intuitive survey that incorporates some initial questions about the type of service, delivery date and time, driver behavior, etc. This way you will be able to discover what type of delivery is the most chosen and what are the most convenient hours for distribution.

Also, do not forget to incorporate a section where the client can add a comment about the aspects that annoy him or worry him about the service. You could end the questionnaire, include some NPS (Net Promoter Score) questions to check if customers recommend the company's service to relatives or friends.

Examples of questions:

  • What type of service did you perform during your visit to (COMPANY NAME)?
  • Please enter the time of your visit to (COMPANY NAME)


Now that you've discovered how to create different types of customer satisfaction surveys , it's time to incorporate this tool into your industry. Depending on the business or institution, the type and the amount, the questions change, as well as the formats, so it is necessary to pay attention to the way the survey is made.

In any case, we cannot conclude without pointing out that the benefits of satisfaction questionnaires are multiple, since they allow you to identify trends, forecast demand and, above all, get to know your customers.

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