Discover the level of satisfaction of your customers by sending quality surveys by SMS

Knowing the level of customer satisfaction with respect to the products or services offered by your brand is essential if you want to improve the customer experience and, consequently, increase the level of profits achieved.

Indeed, measuring the satisfaction of each client is very important because, let's not forget, that the central nucleus of all types of business is the buyer, so knowing their opinion about your brand is essential.

However, requesting a valuation today is not as complex as it was in the past. In fact, thanks to the tools offered by SMS Marketing , you will be able to send a link to fill out a satisfaction survey to your entire database that will provide you with all the information you need to collect to improve your customer service.

However, many believe that SMS is about to fall into disuse, in reality it is a direct and personalized communication channel that offers a lot of functionalities that you absolutely should not miss out on. That is why in today's article we want to tell you how you can use SMS marketing and satisfaction surveys to improve the reputation of your brand and achieve all the objectives you have established.

Advantages of quality SMS surveys

Probably, not many companies are aware of this, but sending a satisfaction questionnaire by SMS offers many competitive advantages that other means of communication such as email marketing do not offer.

Indeed, far from being an obsolete channel, the massive sending of text messages offers many benefits that ensure the success of the application of opinion questionnaires, as you will see below.


Unlike other types of communication methods, SMS marketing is very accessible for any type of company. In this sense, the text message is cheap , especially when compared to other types of channels, so it adjusts to the needs and budget of the brand.

ease of configuration

specialized platforms Just as you read it! Creating an SMS marketing campaign is very easy, especially if you use specialized platforms in the sector such as the one offered by Afilnet. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to send an endless number of SMS surveys with Afilnet's intuitive and extremely simple platform that puts at your complete disposal a very versatile tool of the latest generation to efficiently and quickly manage the massive sending of SMS.

Quickly answers

Another important advantage that sending messages to many people offers is the possibility of receiving responses in a short time. Indeed, as many studies in the sector have shown, SMS provide very fast response times, which also increases the chances that the recipient will quickly answer the questionnaire sent by your brand.

This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the message is sent in record time and is opened in less than 5 minutes. On the other hand, the speed of response is also due to the creation of an intuitive, optimized and easy to answer questionnaire thanks to the editing tools integrated into the Afilnet platform.

High open rate

The main advantage offered by satisfaction surveys sent by SMS is the very high opening rate . In this sense, it is estimated that the vast majority of survey recipients open the message in the first 3-5 minutes of receiving it, so it is very likely that they fill out the questionnaire created by you. Let's not forget that messages are a direct and very personal form of communication, characteristics that make SMS marketing the connection strategy with your base that you should not miss.

What types of SMS surveys can you send?

Now that you know what are the incredible advantages of sending your linked surveys in mass messages , it's time to discover what types of questionnaires you can create to collect customer feedback and introduce the necessary improvements in your business.


Evaluative questions are more technical that you can implement because they will provide you with more precise answers for each question asked, since you are going to ask the user to make an assessment (very satisfied, dissatisfied, etc.) of the services offered.


With this type of questionnaire, the recipient can answer your question freely thanks to the integrated text box. In a few words, it is about asking the user to leave a comment that can provide a lot of useful information on how to improve what your brand offers, although the cost of its analysis is higher.

Likert scale

The Likert scale is a type of questionnaire used by many companies. It consists of the use of a psychometric scale to assess pre-established statements that goes from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree.


These types of questions are considered neutral because they are created to collect user opinion indirectly.


Finally, it can be useful to create a survey with ranking type questions that involve integrating a numbered scale from 1 to 10 in each statement so that the recipient evaluates each one of them.

How to implement and send the SMS satisfaction survey in your business?

So far we will tell you what are the benefits offered by quality of service surveys by SMS marketing and what type of questionnaires you can plan to collect the information you need to know.

That being said, it's time to introduce you to the steps you should follow to implement this marketing strategy effectively and achieve your pre-established goals.

Try Afilnet

First of all, you must choose which specialized platform to use to massively send the large number of messages you have planned. Of all the providers you can find on the internet, one of the best is Afilnet.

This interactive and intuitive platform built by the team of telecommunications and marketing experts provides users with endless tools to implement SMS marketing and succeed in a short time, in addition to integrating the necessary features to create high-impact questionnaires .

In one place you can plan your bulk SMS campaign, automating and scheduling shipments, creating personalized text messages that attract the attention of the audience and guaranteeing a direct and fast connection with the operators at all times. As if this were not enough, you can integrate the service with your business software through the Afilnet API to obtain the best results.

Prepare the personalized message

After having contracted the service offered by Afilnet, you must think about how to create a message that attracts the attention of your target audience to encourage them to fill out the survey sent. It is about creating and sending a text that is attractive using in the best possible way the 160 characters that you have at your disposal.

As? Creating a persuasive copy that takes advantage of the interests and tastes of the audience you are targeting. That is why the key to success in this case is the personalization of the text that you want to provide to users, a text that must be striking from the beginning to arouse the reader's curiosity.

Create the quality survey

Now, not only the copy of the message is important, but also the survey you want to send. In this regard, what you should know is that the questionnaire sent should not be too long or tedious because you run the risk of tiring the reader who will end up leaving without completing the survey. Likewise, the questions incorporated should not be too direct because they can make the client uncomfortable.

short, easy questions d That is why we suggest creating a survey that contains short questions, easy to answer and quick to understand that are related to the services and products offered with the aim of improving customer service by discovering the opinion of your consumers. Remember that the best results are achieved with simple surveys, glances, which facilitate the reader's experience.

In addition, to encourage your target audience to leave their assessment and level of satisfaction, it can be useful to offer a discount coupon or an exclusive offer that is impossible to refuse.

Add the link

When you have created the copy and the surveys via SMS to send, you must link the questionnaire in the SMS. Remember that the survey cannot be added directly to the notification message, so you must add a link in the SMS that redirects the user to the web page where the questionnaire is located. All the recipient has to do is click on the URL and the survey you created with the Afilnet platform will automatically open.

Monitor and study survey results

Finally, you have no choice but to wait for the customers to respond and the feedback from your audience to then start analyzing all the responses that you will begin to receive with each survey sent. This is a process that can take a while because it requires analyzing the results of your survey quickly and thoroughly to discover which are the weak points of your company that you should improve right now in order to optimize your service.


In short, quality surveys through SMS became a valuable tool in a short time that no type of business can miss because they allow measuring satisfaction rates through customer comments in the blink of an eye to improve the global experience lived by the consumer.

Implementing this feedback marketing strategy brings with it a lot of benefits like the ones we presented to you before that make the quality survey the perfect and accessible solution to guarantee the success of a company.

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