Multichannel Marketing, what is it and how does it help my company?

The competition in the business world to capture the attention of new customers is increasing. In this scenario, for a brand or a company to stand out, it is essential to plan a marketing strategy that includes multiple aspects to improve the experience lived by the buyer.

How to achieve these goals? The key today is what is known as a multi-channel marketing strategy . It is an approach that uses several communication channels at the same time to promote change in consumption habits and increase the company's sales volume.

Given the importance of this marketing strategy, we have decided to deepen the argument in this article. That is why, if you are interested in discovering everything you need to know, you have come to the right place. Once you finish reading the article, you will have at your disposal all the information you need to implement a successful multichannel strategy for your brand .

What is it and why should I do multichannel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is an approach that consists of applying a marketing strategy through multiple communication channels or platforms to maximize the opportunities to interact with customers. To give you an example, a widely used communication channel today is email or mass SMS to promote products and services.

So, multi-channel marketing works as an optimized communication sequence where each marketing message is linked to all channels, forming what is known in the industry as a conversion funnel. In this way, it is possible to interact with more people and with greater frequency. At the same time, from the customer's point of view, this strategy allows the potential buyer to communicate with the company using the means they like best to get information and buy products and services.

As you may have noticed, deciding to implement a multichannel marketing strategy brings with it an interesting series of benefits. Let's see some of them below.

Expand your contact base

Using multiple communication channels offers the possibility of reaching a larger number of people who may become buyers of the products or services you are offering.

Improve customer experience

Likewise, the multichannel approach not only allows you to reach new potential customers, but also strengthens your intercommunication relationship with customers who are already part of your contact base. The objective, in this case, is to improve as much as possible the experience lived by the buyers in the points of contact.

In fact, remember that if you make different means of communication available to the customer, the buyer will communicate with you using the channel they most prefer and are most comfortable with.

Maximize performance

When a company decides to implement a multichannel strategy , the main advantage obtained is the possibility of maximizing the performance of all the communication channels used, adapting them to the needs and demands of the brand's audience.


Another main feature of the multichannel approach is its incredible flexibility and versatility. In fact, each means of communication can be adapted to satisfy users, encouraging them to make a purchase and retaining them.

Open up to new areas of work

With the use of the various means of communication, it is possible to open up to the commercialization of new products and services, in addition to being able to reposition the brand in the market. Thus, it is possible to expand the reference market and increase the sales volume.

Improve brand image

Using multiple means of communication helps your brand to be known by more people. In this sense, if more customers talk about your brand, the chances that new buyers will discover your products and thus improve the image of your brand.

In fact, it is important not to forget that the different means of communication help spread the message of your store more strongly.

Complete results analysis

Using the multichannel approach, you will be able to carry out an analysis of the results obtained during a campaign in a precise and accurate way. Indeed, when more channels are incorporated into the strategy, the higher the chances of understanding the purchasing behavior of customers.

All this is possible by calculating some metrics or KPIs such as the conversion, opening and click rates, among others. In short, the multichannel strategy allows you to find purchasing patterns in order to carry out the necessary adjustments in the marketing campaign.

Multichannel marketing vs customer loyalty

On the other hand, it is also important to analyze what differentiates multichannel marketing from customer loyalty.

We must start by saying that the multichannel approach focuses more than anything on achieving greater online and offline coverage . After all, the main objective is to reach more customers and convert the largest number of sales, adapting communication channels to customer demands. So, what you want to achieve is to sell as much as possible of the product or service offered.

While customer loyalty is usually achieved by resorting to the omnichannel strategy, that is, in the use of all communication media to promote a message. What is sought is to prioritize the consumer experience so that they want to make a new purchase in the future, building loyalty to their purchase intention. That is why the message must be consistent in the constant search to retain the buyer's attention.

Essential channels in multichannel marketing

Now, you may be wondering what are the communication channels that you should implement in multichannel marketing. The answer is not so simple because it all depends on the marketing objectives you have set and the type of business you have.

Even so, we have to point out that there are some means of communication that are essential, regardless of the goals and brand of your company. Let's see what they are.

Email Marketing

Nowadays, when a brand decides to start a marketing campaign , they must consider the use of email and create an attractive newsletter. In this context, remember that a well-constructed email with eye-catching text and the incorporation of elements that capture the reader's attention (images, GIFs, call-to-action buttons) can be the key factor that encourages them to make a purchase.

Likewise, we must emphasize that it is a really cheap and wide-ranging communication channel.

SMS Marketing

In recent years, the effectiveness and usefulness of SMS as a marketing channel has been re-evaluated. In this sense, although many believed that the text message was destined to disappear, there are those who knew how to take advantage of and maximize its potential.

In fact, unlike Email marketing which is characterized by the risk of saturating the inbox, SMS is a direct, customizable and immediate means of communication .

Many stores understood its potential, especially since the opening rate is really high. Indeed, it has been shown that potential buyers are more likely to open a text message than an email, so the SMS is opened within 5 minutes of receiving it.

Instant messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram)

To be complete, a multichannel marketing strategy must incorporate the use of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In fact, both apps over time have introduced some innovations so that their features can be used in the field of marketing.

Let's not forget that the electronic device preferred by people are mobile phones, so it is extremely necessary to offer your database the possibility of communicating by this means, especially if you want to provide customer service and support from quality.

Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Today, social networks have a great influence on purchase intentions . That is why encouraging your target audience using these platforms is essential for your business.

Anyway, you should analyze which platforms to use. It is not necessary for your brand to be present on all social networks. The important thing is knowing how to choose the ideal social network for your case, because it is better to work well on one platform than to be present on all of them and not know how to take advantage of the opportunities it can offer.


To close with this article, we must point out that multichannel marketing is one of the most complementary promotion strategies that exist today. Its advantages are numerous no matter what type of business you want to promote.

Reaching new potential customers has never been easier if you implement a strategy that encompasses various media, so the buyer can communicate with the company in the way they prefer. The important thing is to manage to articulate all the channels so that they work in a complementary way and achieve the established objectives.

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