Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a set of strategies and action plans performed through different channels, both physical and digital. The goal of omnichannel is to integrate all channels into a single platform to reach the user efficiently. In this way, it helps to build strong relationships with customers through any channel.

An omnichannel platform is one that integrates digital channels to communicate with subscribers. It is mainly SMS, Email and Instant Messaging. In this article we will talk about the benefits of omnichannel and the possibilities of using this type of software.

Omnichannel strategies vary depending on the company. Perhaps the common denominator is to improve the customer experience through optimal interaction across different channels.

Key points in omnichannel marketing

Omnichanneling boosts B2C (business-to-customer) communications like never before. Customers feel more satisfied when they are contacted by different means, whether for a purchase or to resolve doubts. Omnichannel strategies focus on the entire sales process that a user goes through, from the initial contact to customer loyalty.

We can summarize what an omnichannel marketing platform can do in the following points:

  • Interact with subscribers through any channel. Omni-channel marketing aims to reach subscribers using the most efficient channels. The idea is to give the user the power to choose the channel, both for sending and receiving information.
  • Personalization of mailings. One of the key points for customer loyalty is the personalization of content. Notifying with relevant information based on preferences will generate a positive value in the customer's perception, and therefore in the branding of the brand.
  • Create strategies for each digital channel. Using all channels does not mean sending the same information through each of them. Perhaps each channel must have a specific use. The purpose of an email is not the same as that of a WhatsApp message.
  • Database segmentation: Using different channels to contact subscribers will generate reports that will have a positive impact on database segmentation. All these reports will help to build better relationships based on the personalization of mailings.
  • Integration with other software or apps. An omnichannel marketing platform must be adaptable and editable to integrate with other software. For example, integration with a Marketing Automation platform or ERP, CRM systems through APIs.

Benefits that omnichannel brings to brands

The benefits of omnichannel marketing have an impact on all economic indicators across the board. According to a recent Harvard University study, 73% of people surveyed use different channels to make a purchase. Likewise, statistics state that these people spend on average 10% more than using a single channel. Consequently, the benefits it brings to an organization are unquestionable. Among others, it helps to:

  • Achieve greater agility in communications between company and customers, reducing response time and increasing user satisfaction.
  • Provide scalable solutions customized for each client, adjusted to their preferences and specific business model.
  • Create real-time workflows, obtain data reports and export them to improve customer acquisition and loyalty actions.
  • Reduce costs and time by automating processes.

Omnichannel Marketing Platforms

The origin of omnichannel marketing begins with SMS gateway or mass mailing software. In the past, these were single-channel platforms, i.e. specialized in a single channel. These gateways still exist, although others evolved and integrated a whole range of digital channels.

An omnichannel marketing platform integrates different communication channels to contact customers, such as: SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp Business, Messenger, RCS, among others. This type of software allows you to create an intelligent and automated journey with the objective of optimizing customer loyalty. Depending on the platform, the automation and workflow creation options will vary.

There are two types of omnichannel platforms. Those that are prepaid, where you are only charged for each message sent. This mode works with a credit or balance, which is recharged according to the number of messages sent. On the other hand, there is the monthly payment or fee for use of the platform. regardless of what is sent, the rate is the same.

Digital channels for omnichannel campaigns

We mentioned some channels that make up an omnichannel marketing platform. The characteristics that each one brings to the table are as follows:

  • SMS. Text messaging remains one of the most versatile communication channels for transactional communications. This is largely because they have the highest display rate of all digital channels.
  • Email. Another of the classic channels for transactional communications and the fundamental basis of automated marketing is email.
  • Text-to-Speech. These are messages played in the form of automated calls. They are a complement to notifications through other channels.
  • WhatsApp Business. The most popular app has a dedicated channel for business use. There are certain limitations regarding what can or cannot be sent through WhatsApp, as it is a tool only aimed at predefined support. It guarantees optimal interaction with the user in real time.
  • Facebook Messenger. The Messenger app is ideal for customer support. It allows you to create a ticketing system and automate predefined dispatches, as well as create an instant chat.
  • RCS. Rich Communications Services work like an instant messaging chat without the need to download an app. RCS helps enrich communications with real-time text messages that support photos, videos, documentation, etc.

Generate more value for the user

Addressing your customers through different channels can make a crucial difference compared to your competitors. Using an omni-channel platform guarantees better interaction with your customers. Providing value for the customer will mean satisfaction, and being satisfied will translate into customer loyalty.

Afilnet is an omnichannel platform that integrates the ideal digital channels for digital marketing campaigns. It works as a prepaid platform where you only pay for the messages sent. If you are a company and want to try the service for free and without obligation, do not hesitate to visit the website and register.

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