WhatsApp Business for health centres

Medical marketing comprises a series of strategies aimed at attracting and building loyalty through different channels. In this field, it is important to develop strategies that provide value, relevant and up-to-date information for users.

On the other hand, professional rigour is an essential requirement of quality and relevance for the brand. Nowadays, most of these actions are developed through digital channels cause they enable a wider reach than using traditional media. WhatsApp Business for medical centres is a good example of this type of communication within medical marketing.

WhatsApp has been the most popular instant messaging app for years. It is very likely that you have it installed on your smartphone and make use of it. There are others like Facebook Messenger or Telegram, but WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used app globally.

A few years ago WhatsApp launched the Business free version as a communication channel for small businesses. However, for medium and large companies WhatsApp Business version is paid and requires API access through a request in Meta (Facebook) Business Suite.

In this post we will focus on the features and advantages that WhatsApp Business offers to clinics and health centres.

Digital channels for medical marketing communication

Digital channels in medical marketing are mainly used as loyalty tools. In order for a customer/patient to receive information via digital channels, it is essential that they have given their prior consent. Only and only when a customer is part of our legal database can we send him or her personalised, necessary and relevant information. In the same way, we must always offer the option to unsubscribe from the subscription list in order to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Within WhatsApp Business, communication must always be transactional. In order for a user to receive information, he or she must first activate the sending by means of a request or transaction. At this point it is important to note that WhatsApp does not allow the sending of promotional or advertising content, as we will see below.

Uses of WhatsApp Business for health centres

The WhatsApp Business channel for health centres has an exclusively transactional use, i.e. it is the sending of information following a request or action by the user. At no time can it be used as a promotional or advertising channel. WhatsApp's legislation in this regard is clear, it is a channel that only allows the sending of predefined templates validated by WhatsApp. Otherwise WhatsApp can ban the content and cancel the number.

Among the different actions that WhatsApp Business allows for health centres, the following stand out:

  • Sending confirmations of attendance appointments with user data, details of the appointment, date and time. This information can offer the possibility of modifying or changing the appointment, as well as contacting the medical centre via telephone number or contact form.
  • Sending files. The WhatsApp chat allows the sending of files in different formats (pdf, txt). For example, an estimate or quotation requested by the client.
  • It can be integrated as a web chat for customer support. It also has a ticket and multi-account system to improve the organisation's service.
  • Auto-responder with scheduled responses for support. This is a way to provide simple answers to customer questions in an automated way.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business for health centres

  • WhatsApp Business is the world's most widely used and best known communication app. It is more trustworthy to receive a message via WhatsApp than through any other channel, as long as there is prior consent from the subscriber.
  • A fast and fluid way to communicate with subscribers. It is practically the first app we look at on our smartphone and the one we spend the most time with. When we send a message via WhatsApp, it is really difficult for a user to overlook it.
  • In addition to improving communication with the customer, it serves to optimise the agenda. It avoids the costs in losses for the organisation caused by no-shows or cancelled appointments.
  • Totally secure channel, whose conversations are encrypted. It is an app free of malware and fraud.
  • Coverage is another of its advantages. We can send messages with WhatsApp Business to any country in the world using a dedicated number.

Complement WhatsApp Business with other channels

WhatsApp Business is a really useful channel for medical marketing communication. There are other digital channels that enhance communication, so it would be ideal to complement the messages of this app with some of them. If we want to combine transactional actions with other marketing actions, we should use some of the following:

  • SMS: text messages are still the digital channel with the highest open rate. It is a channel that will help us to expand our reach. Mainly among those customers who do not have smartphones or use the WhatsApp app. Sending a double appointment confirmation will strengthen the message and ensure the attendance rate.
  • Email: If we want to send transactional information to our subscribers' email, we need to use the classic channel par excellence. It is an effective way of complementing communication when we want to send quotes or quotations, newsletter subscriptions or include promotional information.
  • Automated voice calls: If we want to send a message in the form of a phone call as a reminder of attendance, this is the ideal channel. It allows you to send automated calls to both landlines and mobiles.

We help you access the WhatsApp Business API

To access the WhatsApp Business API it is necessary to carry out the process through a certified partner. In Afilnet we work as a partner helping in the process of registration and registration of dedicated numbers for the WhatsApp Business API.

We work hand in hand with health centres and clinics offering all the most efficient communication channels. Our goal is to enhance and improve communication in medical centres and clinics that request our help and advice. If you are thinking of implementing WhatsApp Business in your organisation, we will be happy to help you.

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