Connect with your customers with the WhatsApp Business API platform

As we all know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform and service in the world, so its business potential is enormous due to its high open rate. The ecosystem created in a short time has allowed thousands of companies around the world to communicate with their customers in a fast, personalized and frictionless way, fostering the consolidation of customer service teams that are always available, sending messages and notifications.

Its practicality, the high level of connectivity, speed and automation , have made the number of companies that implement this communication system on websites to optimize response times while reducing management costs.

If you still have doubts about this service, you found the article you were looking for, we invite you to continue reading. Next, we are going to show you what types of companies can use the cloud API according to the WhatsApp business policy and how, why and what are the steps to follow to create the business profile to access the service.

What types of businesses should access the WhatsApp Business API?

Unlike the WhatsApp Business app, the WhatsApp API is the ideal communication channel for medium and large companies and corporations that need to have a customer support center that is efficient, dynamic and always available even after hours. office. All these benefits that access to the WhatsApp Business API offers make large companies decide to implement this means of communication in order to deal with the volume of WhatsApp messages that arrive daily.

Let's now see what are the types of companies that should consider integrating the service today for the number of benefits it offers.

Retail sale

The retail sector is one of the most dynamic today, given that it is in constant movement, especially after the technological innovations that have been introduced in recent years. That is why companies that are dedicated to the sale of retail goods and services receive a large number of messages on a daily basis from customers or potential buyers who need answers to their questions.

For this service to be efficient and fast, WhatsApp business via api is surely the right solution because the built-in automation features make it easier to deal with the many conversations that are started on a daily basis.


Car sales and rental businesses must also respond to all frequent user queries if they want to increase the level of profits achieved. However, on some occasions, the number of people who want to contact the company can be truly overwhelming, and if you do not have an efficient help desk , you risk losing customers.

To avoid this inconvenience, WhatsApp Business API came into our lives, an extremely powerful tool that facilitates, on the one hand, the process of scheduling automatic messages and, on the other hand, creating a specialized multi-agent user support center always asset, ultimately improving the customer experience.


Telecommunications and everything that has to do with communication technologies in general are sectors that receive thousands of inquiries daily that must receive quick responses in order to make as many sales as possible. In this case, the advice must not only be carried out quickly, but it must also be personalized, so the providers of this type of service must have a really efficient assistance center.

How to achieve it? Using WhatsApp for Business API that allows the creation of complex, multi-agent and multi-sector operational centers to send messages that resolve all the doubts of potential buyers. Any type of question or need of the client can be answered promptly with this communication channel.


Companies that work in the financial field also receive endless messages on a daily basis, especially after the rise of electronic commerce and Fintechs. All this technological integration in the financial sector worldwide meant that any company at a global level needs to have a direct and automated communication channel so that human agents can solve the most complex problems. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are deciding to implement the use of the WhatsApp Business API to manage large-scale customer chats with efficiency and confidence.

In the blink of an eye, large corporations in the sector will be able to experience reduced response times , while customers will be satisfied with the service they received. All this, thanks to the access to WhatsApp Business API to be able to send template messages , start conversations and take advantage of the automatic responses that only WhatsApp Business allows.

Human Resources

If you think that WhatsApp Business API app is a powerful tool that you can use just to communicate with your customers, let us say that it is not. In fact, it is a communication tool that can be implemented to manage even the internal communication of your company.

We are referring to the efficient management of human capital which, in large campaigns, is made up of thousands of workers who must be guided by the human resources office to achieve the planned goals.

But, how to do it efficiently if the company has multiple work areas? Easy, through the WhatsApp API, which will help HR employees to connect with workers from different sectors to carry out all the operational procedures that are needed, saving time and reducing the amount of resources that are needed.


Finally, also tourism and hotels can benefit from the use of WhatsApp API for business. Because? Integration with Whatsapp helps to constantly keep communication with potential guests and customers in general open

We recall, in this regard, that the WhatsApp API not only allows the creation of a support center that helps the guest to resolve any type of doubt, but also offers the possibility of increasing the level of completed sales because the human agent can provide advice that will pursue the user to make a reservation.

Create your professional profile with Afilnet's WhatsApp Business API to reach your customers

As you may have noticed, the WhatsApp Business API offers large companies a lot of extremely useful features to effectively manage multi-agent and multi-sector support centers. With that being said, we are sure you must be wondering how you can access this service.

Don't worry because we are going to tell you about it.

Get in touch with Afilnet

The first thing you should know is that, in order to use the service, you must contact official WhatsApp Business API providers that are enabled by Meta. Among all that you can find on the Internet, one of the best is Afilnet, a leader in the telecommunications and marketing sector.

With Afilnet, you will be able to integrate the API into your business software in the blink of an eye with just a few simple steps. If you need help, you can contact the technical support center of specialized developers who are always at your disposal to solve any type of inconvenience.

Likewise, it should be noted that the service provided by Afilnet is one of the safest and most efficient that you can contract because each of the servers are optimized offering high performance on all occasions. And, as if this were not enough, the WhatsApp API for your business guarantees maximum connectivity because it is compatible with all countries and operators.

Provide the basic information

Now, after having contacted Afilnet and having requested the WhatsApp Business account, you must provide basic information about your company. From all the information, the API provider will need to know the company name, URL address, type of industry, region where it operates, country, headquarters, the company, use case, predicted volume to face and time to market. .

All these data are necessary to start the service activation process so that the corporation's professional WhatsApp profile can be created.

Activate your company's WhatsApp business phone number

Then, in order to use WhatsApp Business, it is necessary to activate the phone number . To do this, you must provide the following information: customer's Facebook business manager ID, phone number used to create and verify the official business account, name associated with the number, and application region.

Ready! Your WhatsApp Business API profile is ready to be used. What you have left to do is configure the login message, the message templates and everything that has to do with the interaction of your human agent with the customer.


Integrating WhatsApp Business API as the main communication channel with your customers is the best decision you can make if you want to manage your customer service center efficiently and effectively, improving the advisory experience for your users.

The benefits offered by the API to medium and large companies and even to small businesses are many, regardless of the type of business carried out by your company. What are you waiting for? Boost your brand with WhatsApp Business API and contact Afilnet to access the service.

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