Use the SMS API to schedule your marketing campaign

Starting a marketing campaign through the SMS API is the key to increasing the sales volume of a company. In fact, despite the fact that many predicted the death of text messages as a communication channel, today we can say that it continues to be a valid means of sending information and promotions to a large contact base.

The advantages of using the SMS API are many because it is a direct, customizable and affordable channel for brands. Additionally, the API adds a number of advanced features that make creating a marketing campaign even easier.

Among all the tools implemented by this API we find the possibility of programming the sending of text messages . This functionality allows you to set the day and time to start the marketing campaign, automating the process and maximizing efficiency.

Having said this, and seeing the benefits that the deferred sending of messages with the SMS API can offer, we have decided to tell you everything you need to know on the subject to implement it in your company and benefit you in the best way.

What are deferred messages?

Today, with the SMS API, it is possible to schedule the sending of messages. This is what is known in the industry as deferred sending, that is, a tool built into the API to divide the distribution of text messages.

Now, we are sure that you must be wondering what can be programmed in text messages. The API, ie the application programming interface , can divide the postings into different groups or subgroups to distribute the promotional message spaced at different time intervals.

That is why, the companies that decide to access these tools can program the SMS Marketing campaign , deciding how many text messages to send, what day and at what time to maximize the efficiency of communication and achieve the established objectives.

Once the campaign has been programmed after having created the promotional or informative SMS, it can be updated before it is sent if necessary, so it can be reprogrammed, changing the day and time of sending or deciding to distribute all the messages now same.

What are the objectives of sending schedules with SMS API?

The deferred sending of text messages with the API is considered a very successful marketing strategy based on two main objectives.

On the one hand, the programming of the messages allows the actions and responses of the recipients of the campaign to be spaced out. In fact, we must remember that, when a message is sent, what is sought is to encourage the user to carry out an action, be it buying a product, visiting the brand's website, making a call or starting a dialogue.

By spacing out the sending of SMS with the API, what is achieved is to improve the quality of the attention services provided to the recipients, since it is possible to pay more attention in the communication with each user, improving the effectiveness of the campaign.

At the same time, by spaced out the delivery by subgroups, the possibility of better monitoring the results achieved with the campaign is also favored. Because? By establishing groups of users to which to send certain text messages, it is possible to analyze the response of the recipients and determine which are the elements of the campaign that work best to be able to replicate in the future.

On the other hand, by programming the deferred sending of text messages, another very important objective is achieved: to reduce the classification of text messages as SPAM or, even worse, as unwanted messages. In fact, by sending messages on different days and times to the subgroups of your contact database, the number of SMS is less, thus avoiding the filters of the national operators that end up classifying the message as SPAM and, therefore, therefore, decreasing its effectiveness or that they are lost before reaching the final recipient.

As you may have noticed, deferred shipping not only increases the quality of the content offered to users, since it facilitates the creation of content that responds to the tastes and purchasing interests of customers, but also increases the delivery rate. , which in itself is high, reaching almost 100% avoiding the dreaded SPAM filters.

All these benefits make the programming, by deferred of the SMS Marketing campaign with the API, increasingly successful and effective, increasing not only the delivery rate of text messages, but also the click or response rate. by the recipients.

Tips for deferred shipments

In any case, although the SMS API offered by expert telecommunications companies such as Afilnet, leader in the sector, offers this incredible functionality, it is also true that it is necessary to take into account some factors before programming the deferred sending.

Indeed, it is not just about deciding that it is necessary to program the distribution of messages, but also strategic decisions must be made, such as the ones we are going to show you below.

  • Establish key days and hours

The key to making the campaign of mass sending of SMS through the API effective is to determine what day and what time to send the message to a certain group. In fact, as statistical analysis shows, days of the week should be preferred to send messages, taking advantage of idle hours that users have during work or school.

For this reason, it is advisable to prefer Tuesdays and Wednesdays and to schedule the shipment, especially during the morning between 09:00 and 12:00 , because these are the hours in which users take the opportunity to check their cell phones, emails, or social networks.

  • Check the relevance of the message

Likewise, if you want to achieve the best results, you should verify that the content you are about to send to your database is really of interest. Remember that each person has certain tastes and shopping behaviors, so, although it is true that you cannot send a different message to each recipient, you can take advantage of segmentation to create contact groups with similar interests that go to respond better to your SMS Marketing campaign.

  • Run an A/B test

Lastly, we also advise running an A/B test. What is it? It is a marketing strategy that involves creating two groups of recipients to whom to send a message with the same content, but written differently, that is, writing two versions of the same SMS to see which of the two obtains better results.

The objective is clear. What is sought is to measure the performance of each one to discover which are the elements that best fit the campaign started and thus optimize the conversion.

How to send deferred messages with Afilnet?

Programming the SMS marketing campaign with the Afilnet API is very simple, since the process to follow is very intuitive.

1. Register as an Afilnet customer

The first thing you should do is register as an Afilnet customer, filling out the form with the required data and verifying the Account created through the email sent to your inbox.

2. Integrates the SMS API

You will need to incorporate the API into the programming language of your enterprise programming. Don't worry! This process is simple because it is constantly supported by Afilnet staff.

3. Request a free trial

In order to verify that the Afilnet service is what you need, you can request a trial.

4. Schedule the shipment

When you have achieved the integration of the API to your business platform based on the programming language used, you will be able to schedule the deferred sending of messages, paying attention to the time and day of sending, in addition to verifying that the content of the message is the most appropriate.

Once the programming of the deferred shipments is finished, you will be able to find the programmed messages in the menu so that you can check that the distribution is carried out according to your needs. Otherwise, you can make all the necessary modifications in a few minutes or, at last, cancel everything and reschedule the campaign.

As you may have noticed, programming the deferred sending of your SMS Marketing campaign is very simple and intuitive. In any case, do not hesitate to contact Afilnet, which makes available to its clients the technical and commercial assistance service so that your advertising campaign is really effective and successful through its API.


Today you can improve the effectiveness of your SMS Marketing campaign with the Afilnet API and deferred sending. This service, implemented by Afilnet, makes the programming of your next text message campaign even more efficient, establishing what content to send, on what day and at what time, improving the delivery and response rate of your contact base and thereby increasing the volume of sales made.

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