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  • API, Send SMS campaigns from your software with our API.
  • Contacts, Import your contacts and synchronize your data easily.
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SMS rates to Denmark

Send SMS with the best quality on the market at affordable prices


Select the destination of your SMS

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Coverage information

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Required SenderID Registration Not
Allows concatenated SMS Yes
Allow unicode SMS Not
Allow numeric sender Yes
Allows alphanumeric sender Yes
Delivery report End device delivery report
Week restrictions There is no type of restriction
Time restrictions There is no type of restriction
Content restriction Sending SMS related to:Gambling, Adult content, Political information

SMS Coverage in Denmark

We have coverage with all operators in Denmark

Denmark SMS Prefix
Operator MCC MNC
CBB Mobil (Telenor MVNO) 238
Onfone ApS (Telenor MVNO) 238
Comendo Telecom A/S (TDC MVNO) 238
Mundio Mobile 238 07
BiBoB (Telenor MVNO) 238
Telenor Denmark (Sonofon) 238 02
Lebara Mobile (Telenor MVNO) 238
Telia DK 238 20
Communicate A/S 238 13
End2End Connectivity (TDC MVNO) 238
TDC Mobil 238 01 ApS (TDC MVNO) 238
3 DK (Hi3G Denmark ApS) 238 06
Lycamobile Denmark (TDC MVNO) 238 12
42 Telecom AB 238
ACN Danmark A/S 238
Atea Telecom 238
Banedanmark 238 23
Beepsend AB 238
Bolignet-Aarhus F.M.B.A. 238
CLX Networks AB 238
Care Solutions ApS 238
Companymobile A/S 238
Compatel Limited 238 13
Comtalk A/S 238
CoolTEL (LINK Mobile A/S) 238 28
Danovation ApS 238
Evercall ApS 238
Everlove ApS 238
Firmafon ApS 238
Firstcom 238
Flexfone A/S 238
Flexonet A/S 238
Fullrate A/S 238
GigSky ApS 238
ICOM Tele A/S 238
Ipnordic A/S 238 A/S 238
Justfone A/S 238
M Mobility A/S 238
MI Carrier Services 238
MVNO A/S 238
Mach Connectivity ApS 238 03 ApS 238
Mitto AG 238
Mobil Data ApS 238
Monty UK Global Limited 238 14
Netfors Unified Messaging 238
NextGen Mobile Ldt T/A CardBoardFish 238 04
Onfone ApS 238
Onoffapp 238
Phone-IT A/S 238
Plenti 238
Polperro A/S 238
SimService 238
Simpl World Telecom ApS 238
Switt ApS 238
Syniverse Technologies 238
TEL42 238 42
Telavox ApS 238
Telecom X ApS 238
Telenor Connexion AB 238
Thyfon A/S 238
Tismi BV 238 16
Tripple Track Europe ApS 238
Uni-tel A/S 238
Viahub (SmS Provider Corp.) 238 25
Viptel ApS 238
Voxbone 238 08
iCentrex Sweden AB 238
iPinion ApS 238
ipvision A/S 238
Naka 238 17

Find out why our platform is the #1

Bulk SMS service features

SMS with personalized sender

SMS with personalized sender

Customize the origin of your SMS by indicating a phone number or text. (Not available in all countries)
Global coverage

Global coverage

We connect you with more than 160 countries and 500 operators worldwide
Management panel

Management panel

Afilnet offers you the most advanced management panel in the world


Create subaccounts for different departments, subsidiaries or franchises
Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking

Know your shipments' minute delivery status
The best rates

The best rates

We work to offer you the best rates to any destination in the world
No expiration

No expiration

Their credits do not expire, recharge your balance and spend it when you need it
Secure payment

Secure payment

We offer you different secure payment options, so you can recharge without worrying
Clean your contacts

Clean your contacts

Know the status of phone numbers and remove unavailable ones
Copy and paste

Copy and paste

Create contact groups by simply copying and pasting recipient numbers
Advanced search

Advanced search

Search on any field related to your contacts
Advanced edition

Advanced edition

Modify "on the fly", copy / paste, replicate groups... Everything you need to manage your contacts


Create groups without limitations of any kind
Import your contacts

Import your contacts

Import your contacts easily from XML, TXT or XLS
Export your contacts

Export your contacts

Export your contacts easily to XML, TXT or XLS
SMS Personalized by recipient

SMS Personalized by recipient

Send personalized messages with different attributes in a massive and individualized way
SMS Personalized by recipient

SMS Personalized by recipient

Send personalized messages with different attributes in a massive and individualized way
Group events

Group events

Schedule events for contacts you add to a group


Consult all your past, present and future shipments in the shipment calendar


Send practical presentations / catalogues attached to your messages


Send surveys to your customers via SMS and analyze their results
Discount coupons

Discount coupons

Send discounts to your customers and manage them from your account


Send an event to all your customers and follow the evolution from your account
Attach PDF documents

Attach PDF documents

Send PDF documents to your customers attached in their SMS messages
Contracts and payrolls by SMS

Contracts and payrolls by SMS

Send your employees' contracts or payrolls directly to the mobile


Attach to your messages, audio messages, radio spots, music, etc.
Images / Video

Images / Video

Send videos attached with your messages, the most visual way to reach your customers

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